Become A stockist

We are a small business that revolves around our community of independent stockists to share oru product with the country. We are not a normal brand, we do whatever we can to support our stockists on social media, our website and in any way we can – as thats what its all about! We have a few stockist options that work for all. Read below to find out more. 

Stockist options


Stock our products at your shop with our fair pricing scheme. We price our products to cover our costs of being 100% eco-friendly whilst being profitable for you. Our RRP pricing is created to be competitive with other similar products and fertilisers in the market. But with our products we dont have nasties, use single use plastic or mass manufactured. 

Fill out the form below to enquire to be a stockist, we will get right back to you with our price list and options. 


We have created a way to stock our products on your online shops without holding any physical stock. Dropshipping! what this means is that you list our products on your website and we fulfill them – simple. This is how it works: 

  1. List our products on your website
  2. When an order comes in, add the order information to your dedicated drop shipping sheet 
  3. We will be alerted and will send out your products to your customers 
  4. We will send you over the tracking information 
  5. Each month we will collate all your orders and charge you for the dropshipping cost of those products. 
  6. You keep your profits 
  7. Everybody is happy! 


Fill out the form below to enquire to be a dropshipper of our products.